Teng Jee Hum
Singaporean Artist, Author & Art Collector

Teng Jee Hum is an artist, author and art collector from Singapore.

He founded the Teng Collection in 1993, together with his wife, June Ong.

The discreet couple maintains a ubiquitous presence at art openings. They also engage in staging exhibitions, while acting as power-brokers between cultures.

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About Teng Jee Hum

Teng Jee Hum is a self-taught artist, art collector and author whose presence shines within the realm of art curation. Over the span of three decades, he has embarked on a profound artistic journey; a shared odyssey with his partner in both art and life, June Ong.

Raised against the transformative backdrop of Singapore’s 1950s and 1960s, Jee Hum was deeply influenced by the visionary leadership of Singapore’s first Prime Minister, Lee Kuan Yew. From a humble beginning and amidst the challenges posed by his seafaring father’s frequent absences, Jee Hum not only persevered but flourished within the evolving socio-economic landscape of Singapore. Initially entering the world of finance and banking, he artfully navigated the intricate interplay of commerce and creativity.

It was in 1993 that Jee Hum’s voyage into the art world truly commenced, with the acquisition of his inaugural artwork. Since that transformative moment, his enduring contributions to the art scene have resonated profoundly. These contributions stand as a testament to his unwavering dedication — to the preservation, comprehension, and dissemination of Asia’s profound artistic heritage.

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Founder of The Teng Collection

To Everyone His Own Story
80 x 100 cm
Acrylic on Canvas
2020 - 2023

Jee Hum embarked on his remarkable artistic journey with a pivotal moment in 1993 — the acquisition of his first artwork. This auspicious beginning marked the genesis of an artistic venture that would evolve into The Teng Collection we know today. Anchored in a profound appreciation for the art-historical and driven by an unquenchable passion, Teng’s collection is a testament to his dedication to preserving and celebrating the diverse artistic heritage of Asia.

At the heart of The Teng Collection lies a deliberate focus on the acquisition of fine art from across Asia. With an astute eye, June and Jee Hum curates works that span the spectrum from modern to contemporary art, recognizing the cultural and historical significance embedded in each piece. This commitment to art-historical context elevates the collection beyond a mere assembly of artworks, transforming it into a repository of narratives that mirror the evolution of societies and creative expressions across time.

Jee Hum’s founding of The Teng Collection stands as a testament to his vision, tenacity, and unwavering commitment to art. Through his journey, he not only gathers masterpieces but also underscores the power of art to transcend boundaries, connect cultures, and bridge generations.

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Singaporean Artist

X-Men Supernatural Powers
X-Men Supernatural Powers
100 x 80 cm
Oil on Canvas

Teng Jee Hum’s artistic exploration knows no boundaries, encompassing a rich tapestry of mediums and forms. From paintings to sculptures, canvases to paper, and intricate sketches, he has ventured into a plethora of creative realms, each a testament to his unquenchable curiosity and versatility.

Jee Hum’s artistic journey is a symphony of experimentation and innovation, where every brushstroke and chisel mark reveals his deep engagement with the artistic process.

Many of Jee Hum’s artworks serve as profound reflections on the identity and journey of Singapore, particularly in the context of Mr. Lee Kuan Yew’s legacy. His publication, “Godsmacked,” provides an insightful exploration into more than 90 paintings, each offering an intricate tapestry of emotions and connections to the nation’s intricate fabric.

This collection delves deep into the intricacies of Singapore’s story, inviting us to traverse its landscapes through Jee Hum’s artistic lens.

Singaporean Author

Written by Teng Jee Hum
Published by Ethos Books

Throughout the years, Jee Hum has written and published several books:

Beyond ISMS – A New Synthesis of Art from within the Folds between Cultures and Epochs (1999)
This book is a profound exploration of art’s essence, interwoven with the tapestry of cultures and eras. Complemented by 28 of Jee Hum’s plates paintings from the 1990s, the book is an introspective journey into his thoughtful contemplations on the significance of art and life within the 21st-century information age. Through chapters like “It’s about time” and “Towards a new synthesis,” he delves into his unique philosophy, discussing topics such as cultural interplay, new ways of painting, and the expression of the soul.

Godsmacked (2016)
A striking collection of over 90 paintings, “Godsmacked” encapsulates Teng Jee Hum’s personal feelings and reflections on his journey as a Singaporean over the past five decades. Many of these artworks offer his interpretation of Singapore’s first Prime Minister and his governance, providing a visual narrative of the nation’s evolution. The book features insightful critiques by esteemed figures such as Seng Yu Jin, Senior Curator at The National Gallery; Mei Huang, China-born curator, writer, and art critic; and Jason Wee, artist and writer, who co-curated the acclaimed Beyond LKY exhibition in 2010.

Godalisation – A Personal Primer to Collecting Singapore Art (2018)
In “Godalisation,” Teng Jee Hum channels his expertise as a veteran art collector into a comprehensive guide that offers valuable insights into Singapore’s art history. This work presents works by Singaporean artists that narrate the “Singapore Story,” spanning various periods. Jee Hum introduces five distinct categories that chart the nation’s art history, supported by a well-explained collecting methodology. Through almost a hundred pages of text and 70 colored images, this book provides readers with a compelling perspective on art collection grounded in historical context

More Artworks by Teng Jee Hum

These additional artworks offer a broader glimpse into the multifaceted nature of Teng Jee Hum’s creative journey, each piece a unique window into his imagination and skill. As you explore these artworks, you’ll witness the evolution of his style, techniques and artistic vision.

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