Featured Artists

Spanning a diverse spectrum, our featured artists encompass a wide range of artistic brilliance – from the timeless finesse of revered Asian masters to the bold and visionary expressions of contemporary artists. Here, we proudly present a meticulously curated compilation of exceptional artists hailing from countries such as Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines and beyond.


Alvin Ong
Anthony Chua​
Chen Wen Hsi
Cheong Soo Pieng
Chua Ek Kay
Goh Beng Kwan
Han Sai Por
Jane Lee
Justin Lee
Lee Wen
Lim Tze Peng
Ong Kim Seng
Robert Zhao
Ruben Pang
Shi Hu
Tang Da Wu
Teng Jee Hum


Affandi Koesoema
Eko Nugroho
Hendra Gunawan
Heri Dono


Benedicto Cabrera
Geraldine Javier
Roberto Chabet


Chuah Thean Teng
Ibrahim Hussein
Syed Ahmad Jamal


Toko Shinoda

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